Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Features and Criteria Ideal Healthy Home

Healthy Homes would be a dream for everyone, although even simple health factors can not be ignored, of course. Health and comfort will come with the package if you understand how to make simple home healthy.

 To answer some of these problems, the following characteristics present admins envy and the Ideal Healthy Homes criteria.

Before entering the study read the first minimalist design house plans on the previous post.
Characteristic feature of Healthy Homes Ideal

Building construction: foundation and construction has a strong and safe for the occupants in it and is made from materials that are durable, easy to maintain, there is electricity and fire resistant.

Health: capable of supporting the health condition of each occupant. Examples are available in each room lighting and not humid, fulfillment network of water and drinking water, there is a garbage disposal, sewage drains / household waste and so on.

Convenience: that aims to make occupants comfortable living and easy to carry out its activities.

Cost: the affordability of building and maintaining the infrastructure and capabilities tailored to fund homeowner.

Environmental Harmony: to provide beauty and coolness of the home environment. Example; grow plants in the yard, giving lighting and so on.

Simple Criteria for Healthy Homes and Ideal

Physically healthy home for example has air vents and ventilation light, dry floor, the roof does not leak, good sanitation, clean toilet facilities etc.. Criteria for the physically fit is generally associated with the prevention of disease emergence and transmission.

Psychologically healthy home as each member of the family has adequate privacy, family intertwined among its members healthy communication, etc..

Healthy homes criteria in terms of security, the prevention of accidents qualified both from outside and from within. For example, the distance from the border line of the road, building construction is quite sturdy, adaptable to the danger of fire, etc..

Criteria for a healthy home environment for example in terms of a safe environment, protected from noise pollution or noise disturbs, cooperative neighbors and corrective etc.

Thus of the characteristics and criteria nan Ideal Simple Healthy Homes. Let's have a healthy home.

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